Concussion Awareness Resources

The Government of Ontario has developed Concussion Awareness Resource E-Booklets to provide school boards with concussion information that is consistent with that received from sport organizations. There are three versions of the e- booklets (Ages 10 and under, Ages 11-14, and Ages 15 and up). The e-booklets are available on Rowan's Law: Concussion Awareness Resources and on the Concussions section of the Ontario Physical Activity Safety Standards in Education.

Prior to participation in school board-sponsored interschool sports the appropriate Concussion Awareness Resource must be reviewed every school year and confirmation received from all of the following participants:

  • student athletes
  • parents/guardians of student athletes under the age of 18
  • coaches
  • team trainers (where applicable)
  • officials

Approved school board resources may also be used, provided that the school board has ensured they are consistent with the Government of Ontario Concussion Awareness Resource E-Booklets.