Concussion Return to School Plan

After a suspected concussion has been identified (that is, sign(s) and/or symptom(s) are observed or reported), the student must be assessed by a medical doctor or nurse practitioner as soon as reasonably possible. The parent/guardian must communicate to the school the results of the medical concussion assessment.

If a concussion is not diagnosed the student may resume full participation in learning and physical activity with no restrictions.

If a concussion is diagnosed by a medical doctor or nurse practitioner, the student follows a medically supervised, individualized, and gradual Return to Learning Plan (RTL) and Return to Physical Activity Plan (RTPA). The RTL and RTPA plans are inter-related, however, they are not interdependent. A student’s progress through the stages of RTL is independent from their progression through the RTPA stages.

Knowledge of how to properly manage a diagnosed concussion is critical in a student’s recovery and is essential in helping to prevent the student from returning to school or unrestricted physical activities too soon and risking further complications. Ultimately, this awareness and knowledge could help contribute to the student’s long-term health and academic success.

The management of a student’s concussion is a shared responsibility, requiring regular communication between the home, school (Collaborative Team) and sport organizations with which a student is involved and registered, with consultation from the student’s medical doctor or nurse practitioner. Other licensed healthcare providers (a healthcare provider who is licensed by a national professional regulatory body to provide concussion-related healthcare services that fall within their licensed scope of practice) may play a role in the management of a diagnosed concussion. Examples include nurses, physiotherapists, chiropractors, and athletic therapists.

There are two parts to a student’s RTL and RTPA Plan. The first part occurs at home and prepares the student for the second part which occurs at school.

The home stages of the RTL and RTPA plans (Initial Rest to Stage 2 of RTL and Initial Rest to Stage 2b of RTPA) occur under the supervision of the parent/guardian in consultation with the medical doctor or nurse practitioner or other licensed healthcare provider.

Rationale: Initially the student requires cognitive and physical rest followed by stages of cognitive and physical activity which are best accommodated in the home environment. Consult the stages of Initial Rest to Stage 2 of the Return to Learning Plan and the stages of Initial Rest to Stage 2b of the Return to Physical Activity Plan.

Concussion Return to School Plan Responsibilities: