Strategies For Managing an Asthma Attack

If the student starts having asthma symptoms after starting physical activity, have him/her stop the activity and take the reliever inhaler (two puffs given one puff at a time, with 30 seconds between puffs). When the student is fully recovered, s/he may resume the activity.

If symptoms are not relieved within 10 to 15 minutes after using the reliever inhaler, repeat the two puffs of the reliever medication (again, delivering one puff at a time), contact the parents and do not allow him/her to return to the activity.

If the student’s asthma symptoms do not improve, or worsen after giving the reliever inhaler, it is an emergency situation and 911 should be called. Follow the steps outlined in the Ontario Lung Health Foundation's What to do in the event of an Asthma Attack! poster to help identify and treat an asthma emergency.