Sources: Environment Canada, 2017 and the Beaufort Wind Force Scale (an empirical measure that relates wind speed to observed conditions on land or sea)

  • High winds are a significant weather hazard that may affect both land and water activities. The effects of the wind (for example, what the wind is blowing) can cause injury and damage to persons and property.
  • What to listen for:
    • Wind Warning: Parameters Environment Canada uses for issuing a wind warning.
      • Threshold criteria: 70 km/h or more sustained wind and/or gusts to 90 km/hr or more.
      • A wind warning can be issued but no wind watch alert will be issued by Environment Canada.
      • Wind speed is included in forecast when speed is greater or equal to 20 km/h
  • This section includes a Sample Wind Velocity Preparedness Guide.
  • Resources to consult: Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations (OFSAA)/Provincial Sports Governing Bodies (wind for outdoor activities)