Training Procedures

  • The coaches must attend to and follow proper training procedures for all sports.
  • The coaches must be knowledgeable of the rules and skills necessary for the students to play the game safely. Teach and enforce the rules of the sport. Teach skills in proper progression.
  • The coaches must teach proper techniques/strategies related to offensive and defensive skills.
  • The coaches must provide a suitable level of competition according to skill, size, age, and conditioning of the student. Coaches must examine the intensity and frequency of drills, practices, and games in order not to put the student at risk (for example, excessive repetition of heading or hitting skills).
  • When there has been an interruption to a competitive season of more than two weeks, the coaches must provide appropriate practice time before competition may resume.
  • Athletes must be appropriately supervised during all phases of the activity: practices, warm-up, competition and breaks. If a coach cannot fulfill the specified level of supervision, the activity must be stopped.