Safety in Fitness Rooms

Also consult the Fitness Activities activity page in the Curricular setting.

To Qualify to Use the Fitness Room


  • For elementary activities, the supervising coach/intramural supervisor must be on-site.
  • For secondary activities the supervising coach/intramural supervisor must be in the area.
  • Fitness rooms require an on-site monitor. Monitors may be educational assistants, retired teachers, parents, co-op students, teacher candidates or trained senior students.
  • Duties of the coach/intramural supervisor include:
    • checking the pass/tag of all students who enter fitness room;
    • opening and locking the fitness room using procedure established by the school;
    • determining that students are following posted rules and procedures;
    • establishing a procedure to regularly disinfect equipment; and
    • making sure the room is left in proper order.

Rules of Use

  • The minimum number of students using the fitness room at any given time is two.
  • Suitable clothing and footwear must be worn.
  • Jewelry is not allowed in the fitness room.
  • Procedures must be established so that the facility and equipment are inspected by a teacher/coach on a daily basis.
  • A process must be in place so that equipment needing repair is identified, removed from use and repaired.
  • Any violation of rules may result in some form of sanction being applied (for example, suspension or loss of pass/tag, closure of fitness room).
  • A process must be in place where fitness equipment is disinfected on a regular basis (consult with your school board’s facilities services for appropriate/approved cleaning products).