Helmet Information

Helmet requirements, Safety Standards Associations and/or certification standards, can be found on the activity/sport pages within the Equipment section.

Recognized Safety Standard Associations For Helmets

The Ontario Physical Activity Safety Standards in Education recognizes the following safety standard associations:

  • Canadian Standards Association (CSA)
  • U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)
  • American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM)
  • National Operating Committee on Standards in Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE)
  • Snell Memorial Foundation (Snell Standard)
  • British Standards Institute (BSI)
  • Standards Australia (SA)
  • Common European Norm (CEN)
  • Safety Equipment Institute (SEI)

Activities For Which Helmets Have Been Developed (For Example, Hockey, Football)

  • Helmets designed for the type of hazards encountered in the activity will provide the optimal required protection for the activity.
  • Select a helmet that meets the protection standards (certification) for the specific activity/sport as determined by a recognized safety standards association.

Activities For Which Helmets Have Not Been Developed (For Example Ice Skating, Tobogganing/Sledding)

  • The Ontario Physical Activity Safety Standards in Education lists on its activity pages the types of helmets that offer the best protection against ice skating/tobogganing injuries as recommended by the following safety organizations: Parachute, Canada Safety Council, and the Ontario School Board Insurance Exchange.

Multi-Purpose Helmets (For Example, Cycling, Skateboarding and In Line Skating)

  • Some helmets are marketed as ‘multi sport’ meaning they meet the safety standard for more than one activity.
  • For a multi-purpose helmet to be used for an activity/sport, the helmet must have an identification of a safety standard certification (for example, sticker/identification on the package or on the helmet) from a recognized safety standards association indicating that it meets the required safety standards for those activities the helmet will be used for.

Select a Suitable Helmet For the Activity

  • Reference the specific activity page in the Ontario Physical Activity Safety Standards in Education
  • Consult the sport governing body of the activity.
  • Consult a reputable provider (retailer) of the equipment for information on the most suitable helmet.
  • Consult Parachute at Parachute Canada

Certification Sticker Location

  • To be sure that the helmet meets the safety standard (certification) for your activity/sport. Most helmets that meet a standard will contain a special label that indicates compliance usually found on the liner inside of the helmet.

Canadian Standard Association Standards

  • Where a Canadian Standard Association (CSA) standard becomes available for an activity helmet, the CSA approved helmet is to be the choice for use.