Index Scale and Weather Information

Index Scale

  • The Air Quality Health Index is on a 1-10 scale to indicate the level of health risk associated with local air quality. The higher the number the greater the health risk and the need to take precautions. The index descriptors associated with these numbers are: ‘low’, ‘moderate’, ‘high’, or ‘very high’. Exposure Category:
    • Low = 1-3
    • Moderate = 4-6
    • High = 7-10
    • Very High = 11+
  • How to Access Information on the Air Quality Health Index:
    • Go to and click on “Local Air Quality Health Index conditions”. Then find your province and city.

Weather Information

  • What to listen for:
    • Special Air Quality Statement: when there will be a brief occurrence of high risk air quality - level 7 or higher for less than 3 hours
    • Smog & Air Health Advisory: when air quality level will be level 7 or higher for 3 hours or more.