Intramural Activities

Intramural activities are defined as school-sponsored physical/recreation activities that occur outside the student's instructional time and are not competitions against other outside teams/groups. They may include Sports Games and Sport Imitations, Low Organization Activities, Drop-In Physical Activities, and some Special Events and Clubs.

Examples of Intramural Activities by Category:

  • Sports Games and Sport Imitations – “3 on 3”, “21”, “Horse”, Newcombe Ball, Scooter Soccer.
  • Low Organization Activities – Cooperative Games, Accuracy Challenges.
  • Special Events – Gym Riots, Mogo Madness, Winter carnivals, Theme Day, Jump Rope for Heart.
  • Clubs – Fitness Activities, Gymnastics, Skiing, Dance, Running.

Schools must have a process in place to obtain the following from the parent/guardian prior to student participation in intramural activities:

  • Permission to participate
  • Acknowledgment of the elements of the risk
  • Student’s medical information

Ophea has developed two options that schools may use/adapt to acquire this information from parents/guardians. The first option includes obtaining the permission to participate and the acknowledgment of the elements of risk (while this option does not include students medical information, schools must have a process in place for gathering and communicating medical information of participants before participation) while the second option includes obtaining the permission to participate, the acknowledgement of the elements of risk, and the appropriate medical information of the student from parents/guardians: