Paddle Canada Qualifications

We are currently reviewing the Paddle Canada qualifications listed on the Outdoor Education activity pages. Please stay tuned for more information.

Intramural Activities

Intramural activities are defined as school-sponsored physical/recreation activities, which are not competitions against other outside teams/groups.

Intramurals encourage school-wide involvement with an emphasis on participation, as opposed to competition.

Intramurals can be categorized into four types: Sport Imitations (for example, “3 on 3”, “21”, “Horse”, Newcombe Ball, Scooter Soccer), Low Organization Activities (for example, Cooperative Games, Accuracy Challenges), Special Events (for example, Gym Riots, Moga Madness, Winter carnivals, Theme Day, Jump Rope for Heart), and Clubs (for example, Fitness Activities, Gymnastics, Skiing, Dance, Running).

When introducing an activity that is not described in the Ontario Physical Activity Safety Standards in Education, refer to the safety standards of the activity it most resembles. Approval from the appropriate school board official must be received if an intramural supervisor wishes to include activities that are not in the Ontario Physical Activity Safety Standards in Education and do not resemble an activity in the Ontario Physical Activity Safety Standards in Education. As part of this process, the intramural supervisor must demonstrate that all appropriate precautions will be taken in the interest of student safety.