Sample Concussion Code of Conduct for Interschool Sports (Coach/Team Trainer)

This is a sample Concussion Code of Conduct for coaches/team trainers who are participating in board-sponsored interschool sports. This sample can be used/adapted by any school board in the establishment of their Concussion Code of Conduct that meets the requirements of PPM 158: School Board Policies on Concussion, and in receiving confirmation of review of an approved Concussion Awareness Resource.

As a coach/team trainer at [School] for the [20xx-20xx] school year, I am committed to:

Maintaining a safe learning environment

  • I will review and adhere to the School Board’s safety standards for physical activity and concussion protocol, as they apply to my sport prior to taking on the responsibility as coach/team trainer
  • I will check the facilities and equipment take necessary precautions and bring potential hazards to the attention of the students.
  • I will provide and maintain a safe learning environment for my students and uphold a culture of safety-mindedness.
  • I will inform students and their parent/guardian (for students under the age of 18) about the risks of a concussion or other potential injuries associated with the sport and ways to minimize those risks.

Fair play and respect for all

  • I will demonstrate a commitment to fair play and will respect my students, opponents, officials, and spectators.
  • I will not pressure a student to participate in practices or games/competitions if they are injured.

Teaching/learning the rules of a physical activity, including the strict enforcement of consequences for prohibited play that is considered high-risk for causing concussions

  • I will teach students the rules of the sport and will provide instructions about prohibited play.
  • I will strictly enforce, during practice and competition, the consequences for prohibited play.
  • I will accept and respect the decisions of officials and the consequences for any prohibited play.

Implementing the skills and strategies of an activity in a proper progression

  • I will instruct students in training and practices using the proper progression of skills and strategies of the sport.
  • I will encourage students to ask questions and seek clarity regarding skills and strategies they of which they are unsure.

Providing opportunities to discuss potential issues related to concussions

  • I will provide opportunities by creating an environment for student discussions/conversations related to suspected and diagnosed concussions, including signs and symptoms, questions, and safety concerns, throughout the day, including before and after practice and competition.

Concussion recognition and reporting

  • I have read and am familiar with an approved Concussion Awareness Resource identified by the school board [link to awareness resources].
  • I will emphasize the seriousness of a concussion to my students along with outlining the signs and symptoms of a concussion.
  • I will provide instruction to students about the importance of removing themselves from the sport and reporting to a coach/team trainer or caring adult if they have signs or symptoms of a concussion.
  • I will provide instruction to students about the importance of informing the coach/caring adult when they suspect a teammate may have a concussion.
  • I will immediately remove from play, for assessment, any student who receives a jarring/significant impact to the head, face, neck, or elsewhere on the body and adhere to the School Board’s concussion protocol prior to allowing return to physical activity.

Acknowledging the importance of communication between the student, parent, school staff, and any sport organization with which the student has registered

  • I will support and adhere to a process for communication to take place between myself and the student, parent/guardian, and relevant school staff.
  • I will promote the importance of communication about a suspected or diagnosed concussion between the student, parent/guardian, and all sport organizations with which the student has registered.

Supporting the implementation of a Return to School Plan for students with a concussion diagnosis

  • I will support the implementation of the Return to School Plan for students with a diagnosed concussion.

Prioritizing a student’s return to learning as part of the Return to School Plan

  • I understand the need to prioritize a student’s return to learning as part of the Return to School Plan.
  • I will follow the Return to School Plan and make sure a student diagnosed with a concussion does not return to training, practice, or competition until permitted to do so in accordance with the Return to School Plan.

I [Print Name] have read and understand all [# pages] pages of this code of conduct.