General Procedures For a Home Concussion Management Form (Return to School Plan)

  • The stages of the plan occur at home under the supervision of the parent/guardian in consultation with the medical doctor/nurse practitioner and/or other licensed healthcare providers.
  • A student moves forward to the next stage when activities at the current stage are tolerated and the student has not exhibited or reported a return of symptoms, new symptoms, or worsening symptoms.
  • If symptoms return, or new symptoms appear during stages 1 and 2 of the Concussion Return to School Plan for Return to Learning (RTL) and the Concussion Return to School Plan for Return to Physical Activity (RTPA), the student returns to previous stage for a minimum of 24 hours and only participates in activities that can be tolerated.
  • If at any time symptoms worsen, the student/parent/guardian should contact the medical doctor/nurse practitioner or seek medical help immediately.
  • While the RTL and RTPA stages are inter-related they are not interdependent. Students do not have to go through the same stages of RTL and RTPA at the same time. However, before a student can return to school they must have completed RTL Stage 2 and RTPA Stage 2b.
  • A student must not return to vigorous or organized physical activities where the risk of re-injury is possible, until they have successfully completed all stages of the Return to School plan. However early introduction of some low intensity physical activity in controlled and predictable environments with no risk of re-injury is appropriate.
  • This plan does not replace medical advice.
  • Progression through the plan is individual, timelines and activities may vary.