Coach/Coach Liaison


  • Definition of Coach: a coach is any individual approved by the principal or designate (consult Coaches Expectations). All new coaches must go through an approval process by school administrator/designate to determine the coach’s knowledge, experience and, where appropriate, qualifications (for example, higher risk sports) to safely coach the sport.
  • Volunteer/external coaches must go through a formalized application process (consult the Sample Volunteer Coaching Application Form).
  • Any coach who is not a teacher or administrator employed by the board or an individual with teaching certification approved by the principal (for example, retired teacher, teacher not under contract, co-op students, other secondary students, early childhood educators, or teacher candidates) must:
    • complete the application form for outside coaches;
    • be interviewed and approved by the principal or designate (consult Suggested Criteria for Non-Teacher Coaches);
    • become familiar with relevant school and school board policies and procedures provided by the principal or designate;
    • be assigned a coach liaison; and
    • have a current police check.

Coach Liaison

  • Definition of Coach Liaison: a coach liaison is defined as a teacher, principal, or vice-principal with a current certification from the Ontario College of Teachers and under contract by the school/school board. A coach liaison must be appointed for every coach who is not a teacher or administrator employed by the board. The coach liaison will be responsible for carrying out all the duties required of a teacher pursuant to the Education Act and the safety standards (consult Sample Volunteer Coaching Application Form). The level of support will be commensurate with the expertise and qualifications of the coach and will be determined by the principal or designate.
  • While the coach/coach liaison is in-charge and responsible for the overall safety and well-being of persons under their care, sometimes there are other personnel who make final decisions regarding the safety of the participants (for example, lifeguards). However, when possible, these decisions should be made in consultation with the coach/coach liaison.