Sample Intramural Parent/Guardian Letter

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Please retain this letter for your information.

Please complete and provide the Intramural Medical Information and Consent to Participate Form to the teacher no later than:

Physical activity is essential for healthy growth and development. Growing bones and muscles require not only good nutrition, but also the stimulation of vigorous physical activity to increase the strength and endurance necessary for a physically active lifestyle. Active participation in intramural activities provides opportunities for students to develop the skills and confidence necessary to play and work co-operatively and competitively with their peers.

(In this section, schools should identify examples of intramural activities which may be offered to students during the school year)

Elements of Risk Notice

The risk of injury exists in every athletic activity. However, due to the very nature of some activities, the risk of injury may increase. Injuries may range from minor sprains and strains to more serious injuries (for example, concussion). These injuries result from the nature of the activity and can occur without fault on either the part of the student, the school board or its employees/agents or the facility where the activity is taking place. The safety and well-being of students is a prime concern and attempts are made to manage, as effectively as possible, the foreseeable risks inherent in physical activity. Please call the school to discuss safety concerns related to any physical activity in which your child/ward is participating.

(School/school board may wish to provide information about their concussion protocol/procedures)


[Name of School Board]’s concussion policy and procedures will be followed if a student sustains a hit or blow to the head or body and shows signs and/or symptoms of concussion. Please be advised that you will be asked to seek medical attention (that is, medical doctor or nurse practitioner) for your child/ward if signs and/or symptoms of concussion occur. Concussion information for parents and students is available at (school board website).

You are advised along with your child to review Parachute’s Concussion Guide for Parents and Caregivers.

For a diagnosed concussion that occurs as a result of activity outside of the school setting, you must inform the school principal as soon as possible.

You are advised to be aware of:

  • the dangers of participating with a concussion;
  • the school board concussion policy; and
  • the importance of encouraging the ethical values of fair play and respect for opponents.

You are advised to review Sample Concussion Prevention Strategies, or (equivalent school board concussion prevention strategies) with your child/ward.

Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndrome (SADS)

Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndrome refers to a variety of cardiac disorders which are often genetic and undiagnosed that can be responsible for sudden cardiac death in young apparently healthy people.

Fainting or seizure during/after physical activity or resulting from emotional excitement, emotional distress or being startled can be a warning sign of sudden arrhythmia death syndrome. The school response is to call emergency medical services (911) and inform the parents/guardians. Parents/guardians must be provided with the information found in the Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndrome (SADS) section, which contains information about SADS as well as a Fainting Episode form. The student must not participate in physical activity until cleared by a medical assessment and the Documentation of a Fainting Episode form is completed by parent/guardian and returned to the school administrator/designate. For further information please visit

Student Absence Due to Illness or Injury

If a student misses an intramural activity due to illness or injury requiring professional medical attention (for example, medical doctor, chiropractor, physiotherapist), a Return to Physical Activity Form (Non-Concussion Medical Illnesses/Injuries) can be obtained from the school. It must be completed and returned to the school giving the student permission to return to play.

An annual medical examination is strongly recommended.

Students must follow their individual Plan of Care in having immediate access to their emergency medications (for example, asthma inhalers, epinephrine auto injectors.) when participating in intramural activities.

Clothing, Footwear and Jewellery

Students must wear appropriate attire for safe participation. Running shoes with a flat rubber treaded sole which are secured to the foot are a minimum requirement along with appropriate clothing for the physical activity (for example, shorts or sweat pants and t-shirt/sweat shirt).

Certain types of jewellery can pose a hazard and cause injury to the wearer and/or other participants during physical activity. Students must comply with the instructions of the teacher, following board/school procedures, when requested to remove jewellery.

Medic alert identification and religious articles of faith that cannot be removed must be taped or securely covered.

Students that require glasses during physical activity must have a safety strap and/or shatterproof lenses for their glasses.

Students must come to school prepared to participate safely outdoors protecting themselves from environmental conditions where appropriate (for example, use of hats, sunscreen, sunglasses, insect repellent, appropriate clothing.)


A safety inspection must be carried out at home of any equipment brought to school for personal use in class (for example, skis, skates, helmets) to ensure it is in good working order and is suitable for personal use.

Student Accident Insurance Notice

The [name of school board] does not provide any accidental death, disability, dismemberment/medical/dental expense insurance for student participation in school sponsored activities (for example, curricular, intramural and interschool). For insurance coverage of injuries, parents/guardians are encouraged to consider a Student Accident Insurance Plan from an insurance company of their choice.