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Professional Learning

Ophea’s Concussion Training Webinar

This free webinar, for teachers and school staff addresses the critical components of Prevention, Identification and Management for a Diagnosed Concussion - Return to Learn, Return to Physical Activity. The content of the webinar focuses on the minimum standards as outlined in the Ontario Physical Education Safety Guidelines Concussion Protocol. 

For those boards that have localized their concussion protocol and/or forms, the powerpoint can be used as a template to customize as per board protocol and implementation tools.  It is recommended that boards preview the Concussion Training Webinar and make the necessary adjustments (e.g., modify or adapt slides (1,2,10,12,16,32,37,52) to reflect localized concussion procedures and/or forms/contact information) prior to using as a training tool. 

Download the Concussion Training Webinar powerpoint template

Recognizing that some audiences will require more in-depth training, the webinar has been developed with flexible viewing options for boards:  

  • It can be viewed as a whole
  • It can be viewed in parts:  
    Part 1 – Introduction and Concussion Identification (Slides 1- 30)
    Part 2 – Concussion Management (Slides 31 – 46) (which can be linked to Part 1 and or Part 3)
    Part 3 – Prevention (Slides 47 – 52)  (which can be linked to Part 1 and/or  Part 2)

The webinar includes the Dr. Mike Evans – Concussion Management and Return to Learn  video (slide 8), accessible at http://www.health.gov.on.ca/en/public/programs/concussions. This can be accessed in a separate tab, prior to beginning the webinar or the webinar may be paused as per the narrative cue. 

In order to provide time for participants to respond and or to discuss the scenarios and questions it will be necessary to pause the webinar in several places (this could be organized as small/large group discussion). Cues are provided in the narrative. 

Prior to beginning this webinar, download or print the following resources OR for those boards that have localized the forms, download or print the corresponding resources: 

  1. Appendix C-1: Concussion Protocol: Prevention, Identification and Management Procedures including  CHART 1: Steps and Responsibilities in Suspected and Diagnosed Concussions (colour copy)
  2. Appendix C-2: Sample Tool to Identify a Suspected Concussion
  3. Appendix C-3: Sample Documentation of Medical Examination
  4. Appendix C-4: Sample Documentation for a Diagnosed Concussion – Return to Learn/Return to Physical Activity Plan
  5. Appendix C-5: Sample Concussion Prevention Strategies
  6. Scenarios & Questions 

Access the webinar

The Ontario Physical Education Safety Guidelines Workshop

This workshop provides participants with a solid overview of the Safety Guidelines for curricular programs, intramural activities, and interschool athletics. Focus topics can be customized to include a focus on participants’ specific needs (e.g. concussions and concussion protocols; practical strategies to minimize risks associated with physical activity in the school; effective use of the Safety Guidelines; legal responsibility of the school administrator/teacher; etc.)

The Ontario Physical Education Safety Guidelines: Concussion Protocols

The Ontario Physical Education Safety Guidelines contain a number of critical resources related to concussion prevention, identification and management (including the return to learn and return to physical activity protocol). This workshop will provide participants with an overview of these new and updated tools and processes and knowledge of how to use them.

Ophea offers fee-for-service workshops year round. Workshops are $815 + incidentals per workshop or a discounted price of $1120 + incidentals for two of the same workshop (must be at the same location on the same day by the same trainer). Ophea’s workshops are developed by educators and subject matter experts and delivered in-person by qualified Ophea Trainers. These interactive professional learning workshops are 2.5 hours in length and feature a variety of facilitated instructional methods to meet the needs of diverse learners. At the conclusion of each workshop learners are equipped with the knowledge and skills that will support them in their work. Choose from a variety of high-quality professional learning workshops and register with ease by completing the Professional Learning Online Workshop Request form found on the Workshops page.