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Ontario Physical Education Safety Guidelines

Curricular, Interschool and Intramural Activities

The Ontario Physical Education Safety Guidelines represent the minimum standards for risk management practice for school boards. They focus the attention of teachers, intramural supervisors and coaches on safe practices, in every activity, in order to minimize the element of risk.

The Safety Guidelines are divided into Elementary and Secondary levels, each containing three separate modules:

  • Curricular - physical education program
  • Interschool - competitive programs (practices and competitions)
  • Intramurals - physical activity/recreation activities

The Safety Guidelines apply to physical activities that occur on the school site or as part of a school sponsored trip (i.e., day trip, overnight, out of province, or out of country). They do not apply to free-play activities during recess and lunch.

School boards may RAISE the standards if they wish, but they are strongly encouraged not to LOWER them. Check with your school board to ensure alignment with your school board policies.

Click here for a list of the changes made to the Safety Guidelines for the 2013/2014 year.

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