Safety Criteria Considerations for Intramural Activities

Processes and procedures should be established to initially select intramural activities with the highest level of protective measures (for example, outdoors, maintain physical distancing, use little or no equipment) that can be established and maintained. This will allow time for students to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and apply these new safety practices to intramural activities. When school board direction/policies related to COVID-19 change so too can the protective measures, gradually progressing from the highest to moderate to the lowest levels (consult Protective Measures for Intramural Activities).

When planning for intramural activities, teachers should be aware of the risks associated with COVID-19, the protective measures and the risk treatment strategies (for example, physical distancing, equipment disinfecting, hand hygiene).

This section was developed using the same format as the sport/activity pages of the Ontario Physical Activity Safety Standards in Education (OPASSE) and highlights the specific safety considerations related to COVID-19. When planning safe intramural activities teachers should review the activity/sport safety standards (elementary, secondary) and this section for COVID-19 safety.

This section includes: