COVID-19 Considerations for Intramural Activities

Establishing and maintaining physical, social and emotional safety in the intramural program requires clear and ongoing communication regarding the policies and practices related to intramural activities specific to COVID-19. School board staff and school administrators should have a process in place to disseminate information, seek input and concerns, and, where appropriate, provide necessary support for individuals responsible for safety related to COVID-19 (for example, teachers/intramural supervisors, parents, students).

The environment for students to participate in intramural activities has changed due to increased policies and procedures related to COVID-19. As a result, the planning process to support a safe return to intramural programs will be particularly important and should include:

  • a planning process for intramural formats and organizational strategies that focuses on a review and reinforcement of school intramural procedures and an alignment with physical education processes and COVID-19 (consult Planning Strategies for Intramural Activities);
  • an awareness of the risks associated with COVID-19 and intramural activities; the required protective measures and the risk treatment strategies for equipment, clothing, footwear and non-medical masks, facilities, special rules/instruction, and supervision (consult Safety Criteria Considerations for Intramural Activities); and
  • a process to safely implement a variety of intramural activities by identifying the necessary protective factors in each phase (facilities, equipment, physical distancing, and organizational approaches) and considerations when selecting an intramural activity (consult Protective Measures for Intramural Activities).

This section includes: