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Fundamentals of Safety for Secondary Interschool Sports

The elementary module refers to grades 1 to 8 and the secondary module refers to grades 9 to 12.

The statements in the Ontario Physical Education Safety Guidelines are not listed in any order of priority.

Interschool is defined as school-sponsored, competitive programs which:

  • occur outside students' instructional time
  • involve a selected school team/group
  • involve practices
  • involve competitions against an outside team/group

When introducing a sport which is not described in the Interschool safety guidelines, refer to the safety guidelines of the sport it most resembles. Approval from the appropriate school board official must be received if a coach wishes to include sports that are not in the guidelines and do not resemble a sport in the Interschool module. Once the sport has been approved by a school board official, the inherent risks of the sport must be identified and minimized.

Risk Management

The following must be taken into consideration by the coach:

  • The competition is age-appropriate for the students’ abilities.
  • The coach has the knowledge/experience and certification (where applicable) in accordance with the safety guidelines to coach/supervise the sport safely.
  • In addition to the supervision ratios outlined in the safety guidelines, the sport must meet board standards for physical activity supervision ratios.

Parents/guardians need to be made aware of interschool sports in which their child is to try-out for and participate in and the risks inherent in the sports. Parental/guardian permission must be received from each participant (with exception of students of the age of majority). For a sample letter, consult Appendix A - Sample Interschool Athletics Package for Parents/Guardians.