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Elementary - Interschool

About Elementary Interschool Module »

The Elementary Interschool module consists of three sections:

The Generic Section contains:

  • the background, intent, impact and scope of the Ontario Physical Education Safety Guidelines;
  • safety statements that are common to all interschool athletics;
  • an introduction to the sport/activity page components (i.e., equipment, clothing and footwear, facilities, special rules/instructions, and supervision);
  • a summary of higher risk sports and the coaching requirements that must be met.

Sport/Activity pages

Sport/Activity pages are listed alphabetically and contain information specific to the sport or activity in the five safety components: equipment, clothing and footwear, facilities, special rules/instruction and supervision.


Appendices include sample forms and checklists, as well as procedures and supplementary information pertaining to safety conditions and topics such as concussions, first aid, coaching expectations and student and coach responsibilities. Each appendix was developed as a sample for school boards to adapt to their needs.

Note: all sections of the Ontario Physical Education Safety Guidelines are the minimum safety standards and must be consulted when implementing physical education programming.