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FAQs: Cycling

Is unicycling allowed? We have a parent who is an expert and a teacher who is willing to help. Can we do this?

Refer to either the Elementary or the Secondary Curricular – Cycling page and modify/adapt the guidelines and/or develop additional standards that are unique to the unicycle.

Is it necessary to have a teacher accompany the bike riders on their routes? If the adult supervisor accompanies the group do they need first aid or can one of the students have the certification?

Prior to the initial use of the course, the teacher must do a safety ride-through and verify suitability. For elementary curricular cycling, a minimum of two adult supervisors must be present on the route, whereas for secondary curricular cycling one adult supervisor is required. There must be an emergency action plan in place so that if there is an accident, the teacher is informed immediately and necessary action takes place. The teacher or another adult supervisor must take responsibility for providing first aid, but does not have to be certified.

If students do not have a bicycle helmet certified by a recognized safety standards organization, can they wear another type of helmet, for example a hockey helmet?

The Elementary Curricular activity page for Cycling states: A properly fitting bicycle helmet certified by a recognized safety standard association (e.g. CSA, CSPC, Snell, ASTM, BSI, As) must be worn. No alternative type of helmet is listed as a replacement in situations where cycling helmets are not available. Parachute Canada’s Which Helmet for Which Activity lists only a cycling helmet to be used when riding a bicycle.